Diploma di secondo livello


The course aims to create professional figures  in relation to market requirements.




1° anno
Authorial photography10
Editing techniques10
Photography direction8
Video production elements6
Cultural heritage photography6
Digital elaboration of image8
Phenomenology of contemporary arts4
Theory and history of mass-media6

Architecture history


The course deals with the issues that concern the architecture in its structural, functional and aesthetic aspects from Romanesque to contemporary.

The aim of the course is to provide appropriate instruments to guide the reading of an architectural entity, in its multiplicity of functions.


Design History - History of applied arts


Historical themes that bind the industrial development and design, and their inseparable relationship with the art world, will be addressed with ample iconographic references.

The aim of the course is to provide appropriate instruments to address and test ways of representation that go beyond the necessary, but not sufficient, technical reproduction of the design product.


Industrial Photography - Photography


The course is characterized by a first theoretical part and a subsequent workshop, with internships at major companies in various sectors, including communication one.

The theoretical part includes the study of the complexity of human relations and production industry, in order to introduce other kinds of photographic elements that differentiate photographic activities, such as the portrait, architecture, still-life, reportage and landscape.

The collaboration with Brescia’s Industrial Association will be the basis for a theoretical/practical laboratory of  research and experimentation of new languages, in order to visually communicate the multiple aspects of industrial activity.

The goal of the course, in addition to allowing the acquisition of knowledge of industrial relations, is the realization of a personal portfolio.


Architectural photography - Methodologies and communication techniques


A first theoretical part examinates some authors who characterized the architectural landscape of photography since its origins.

Subsequently, in collaboration and comparison with the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the Province, workshops and projects that will examine some architectural and landscape types will take place. The course aims at the realization of a personal portfolio.


Video for industry and architecture - Digital Applications for visual arts


The course includes a part of shooting, dedicated to specific industry in its relational and productive nuances. The analysis of some videos of important companies will be the basis for understanding methods, aesthetic and thematic orientations of industrial video. The course aims to produce a series of videos dedicated to various aspects of production activities, relational and product.


Technical Optional Course of post-photographic video production (it won’t be examination subject)


The course aims to provide an adequate preparation and technical knowledge of post-production processes. The course aims also to fill any technical training gap.

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