Diploma di secondo livello



All the graduates in the Second Level (Graduate) courses of the School of Painting have acquired: advanced knowledge and artistic competences for a qualified professionality into an independent style and expression with a specific reference with the languages of Contemporary Art.

The course of study pursues the objective to assure to the student the full knowledge of methods, artistic techniques and the cultural assumptions of the painting's language, through the acquirement of specifics aimed to train artists able to carry out highly qualified professional activities;

Advanced historical and technical knowledge aimed to be able to self-realize artistic projects, intervention on the territory and environmental art, also to be able to research artistic languages with a method;

Ability to interact the languages and techniques' knowledge connected to the tradition with the Contemporary Artistic research, comparing the self-production to Contemporary Art contest and exhibition spaces;

Ability to learn the way to self-elaborate projects and acquire specific competencies integrating with the knowledge of technical method and professional-organization models;

An advanced knowledge about the story and the theory of art, on the fundament of an educational path,  to the depth analysis of both theories, materials and technological devices of art;

The ability to interpret complex phenomena related to the world of art, the contexts, the diffusion, the interpretation of the real and of the contemporary image.

To this purpose, the laboratories and other research activities are structured as a place of experience in a specific, but integrated training path, aimed to the analysis and deep understanding of the most relevant thematic universes.

Sbocchi professionali: 

All the graduates in the Second Level (Graduate) courses of the School of Painting will carry out independent activities in the field of visual arts and all the professions connected to it, also through experience in designing and creating and communicating the values of art, found out in national and international events.

The student will always be able to carry out, in relation to the educational systems of the individual courses of the School, internships in ateliers, study centers, public and private bodies.

The internship is a formative experience of integration with the world of the course, also with reference to the corresponding professional profiles which can be spent in the field of creative activities.


1° anno
Artistic Anathomy
History of Contemporary Art
Design for Painting
Performing techniques for visual arts
Phenomenology of contemporary arts
Archetypes of the imaginary

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