Multimedia and Performative Arts

Diploma di secondo livello
Scenografia Arti Performative e Multimediali

Multimedia and Performative Arts


The Multimedia and Performative Arts School has the goal of offering a full professional preparation in all the fields of the actor's expression: theater, cinema, television, choreography, multimedia.

Through the theoretical and practical experimentation, the students will develop the techniques to realize by themselves scenic projects, using traditional technological and contemporary skills and tools.

Through the awareness' development of their own scenic presence, each student will be able to think about his own show, from a historical and theoretical point of view to a practical-technological and organizational-planning.

Sbocchi professionali: 

All the graduates in the second level of Multimedia and Performative Arts school will be able to solve with professionality all the duties that direction, acting, scenography, light, sound, and video may ask during the process of ideation, planning, organization and realization of a live or video show.


1° anno
History of spectacle
Literacy and philosophy of theatre
Entertainment theatre
Practice and culture of spectacle
Makeup and theatrical mask
Multimedia dramaturgy
Drama arts

Gentili Andrea

Scenografia / Illuminotecnica / Processi e tecniche per lo spettacolo multimediale

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