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Diploma di secondo livello in:

Multimedia and Performative Arts

The specialization in multimedia performing arts aims to provide professional training in all sectors of actor and performance expression: theater, cinema, television, web, choreography and multimedia. Using theoretical and practical experimentation, the techniques for the autonomous realization of scenic projects will be developed, using traditional and contemporary technological skills and expressive tools. Through the development of the awareness of one’s own stage presence, one will arrive at the ability to conceive a show, both from a historical and theoretical point of view, and from a practicaltechnological and organizational design point of view.

Obiettivo del corso:

The objective of the two-year course is to create highly specialized professionals who know how to operate in all scenarios of the show. The course of study is characterized by the presence of a strong core of theoretical-practical teaching, delivered by teachers who deal with contemporary research and experimentation in an interdisciplinary way (theater, dance, sound, scenography, video, digital language practices). The multidisciplinary approach of the degree course offers an innovative preparation, using an unconventional approach to dramaturgy, the knowledge of new multimedia technologies will be deepened to experiment with new perspectives on the relationship with space, time and the body. The acquisition of skills will take place through the communication of theory, with workshop ractice and the ability to work in a team. The courses offered interact with a rich offer of workshops, workshops and internships conducted by artists and professionals in the sector. Each academic year ends with the staging of public shows and performances.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
History of the show
Party theater
Practice and culture of entertainment
Makeup and theatrical mask
Multimedia dramaturgy
Theater literature and philosophy
Design for the costume
Digital choreography
Video theater production techniques
Dramatic art

Opportunità professionali

Second level graduates will be able to perform with competence and professionalism all the tasks that directing, acting, scenography, lighting and sound-video may require in the various processes of conception, design, organization and realization of a live or in video. The professions formed in the course are those of: actor, film director, performance artist, multimedia set designer, live arts teaching and communication professional.