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Diploma di primo livello in:

Interior architecture and decoration design

The role of the Interior Designer is very complex and includes the design of interior environments understood in their organic nature. Space, colors, furnishings, lights, materials and sounds are crucial in managing the quality of the relationship between people and space.
The interior architecture and decoration design study plan pays particular attention to the relationship between art and architecture in the definition and characterization of space.

Obiettivo del corso:

Acquire theoretical, analytical, critical and technical tools to be able to interpret and process the interior architecture project, in the awareness of its interdisciplinary transversality, developing a conscious and flexible method,
able to express itself confidently in the context of the world of work.
The course will train designers in the field of Interior Design and Decoration, able to manage the methodological processes related to the design of interior environments for private or public clients.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Interior architecture
Art history
Architecture history
Design methodology
Techniques and technologies for decoration
Project culture
3D rendering
Urban Design
Materials technologies
Aesthetics of the visual arts
History of applied arts
Painting techniques
Computer graphic
Decoration workshop
Modeling workshop for project culture

Opportunità professionali

The course of study aims to train designers in the fields of Interior Design and Decoration Design such as:
Interior Designer
Interior and urban decoration designer
Furniture designer
Designer of temporary spaces, museum installations and exhibition stand