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Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts

Diploma di primo livello
Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts

The course aims to develop professional profiles in the field of graphic design and multimedia such as: Director, Project Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Animator.


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As it is taught in the cultural and artistic context of the Academy of Fine Arts, the discipline of Graphic Design tends to develop high-level professional figures in the publishing (both paper and digital), communication and film industries. 
The holder of a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts possesses the right training in order to act immediately in managerial roles on creative teams in private companies and public institutions that work in the field of culture, art, image and communication. 

Sbocchi professionali: 

Examples of professional figures are Art Director or Project Director, both  responsible for the formulation, planning and production of cultural interfaces for websites, CD-ROMs and DVDs, as well as interactive hypermedia programs (on- and off-line encyclopedias and virtual museums). The connection between new media and big industry (3D animation for films, video games, videos, themes for special events, TV programs produced with digital technology, industrial and scientific simulations) is leading more and more to positioning the role of Art Director, or Graphic Designer and Animator, in a context rich with opportunities and in full development. Indeed, holders of a degree of Academy of Fine Arts can take advantage of their cultural and artistic know-how and put themselves on the market, distinguishing  with  quality and originality of their solutions. In the world of new media, the border between art and design is difficult to discern. 
On one hand, many artists will take up jobs as commercial designers; at the same time, professional designers are those who make media langugage evolve, as they are employed in a systematic experimentation, as well as creating new standards and conceptions.


1° anno
Graphic design and multimedia arts10
Computer graphic8
Illustration 6
Digital Photography6
History of Modern Art 6
History and theory of new media 4
Digital modelling techniques6
Total formative credits 50

Badinelli Federico

Digital Video / Tecniche di Ripresa / Tecniche di Montaggio / Comunicazione Digitale

Bianchini Santina

Storia della fotografia / Storia e teoria dei nuovi media / Storia e metodologia della critica d'arte / Storia dell'arte / Neuroscienze applicate alla fotografia / Semiotica ed estetica della fotografia

Bravo Luca

Web Design / Art Direction

Centenari Filippo

Computer Graphic / Graphic Design

Chiscuzzu Graziano

Regia / Linguaggi e tecniche dell'audiovisivo / Tecniche di documentazione audiovisiva

Iosca Valeriano

Graphic design / Art Direction

Lazzarini Francesca

Fotografia digitale

Mai Francesco

Tecniche di modellazione digitale / Rendering 3D

Migliaccio Franco

Collaboratore del Dipartimento di Pittura / Membro del Comitato scientifico

Minotti Alberto

Storia e teoria dei nuovi media: il web / Net Marketing

Molinari Antonio

Web Design / Linguaggi Multimediali

Rosa Giorgio

Sound design / Arte Drammatica

Ruggeri Diego

Graphic Design

Sabatino Vanda

Storia dell'arte

Saponaro Nicola

Interaction design

Sarli Renato

Marketing e Management / Comunicazione pubblicitaria

Stefani Andrea

Computer Graphic / Graphic Design

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