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Diploma di primo livello in:

Graphic design

The graphic designer creates complex communication systems with clarity of objectives, coherence of languages and multidisciplinary competence.

Obiettivo del corso:

Goal for the three-year period is to form professionals who know how to operate in all business communication scenarios. From printed paper to digital, from the web to social media. The didactic context is oriented towards the culture of the project and the students will be called upon to manage and create autonomous visual, graphic, digital and overall styling solutions. Particular attention will be given to the software, tools and platforms. During the three-year period, students will acquire advanced skills in the use of the most current digital tools.

Aree tematiche

Opportunità professionali

Graduates in Graphic Design, for the acquired cultural and technical skills, can cover the following roles:
- Graphic Designer at graphic studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses, public institutions and companies.
- Art Director
- Web Designer
- Type designer
- Photo editor
- Visual designer
- Digital Artist
- Video maker
- Social media content creator
- Freelance