Fashion Design

Diploma di primo livello
Fashion Design

Fashion Design

The specificity of this course is make the student of fashion design creating his own work, present it to the public through a parade to be organized and realized. Everything through encounters, discussions and workshops held with fashion professionists. 


Autorizzazione D.M. n 73


The aim of this curriculum is to train future fashion designers through the acquisition of technical skills, cultural preparation,  to the development of talent and to a deeper understanding of means to transform  creative impulse into innovative and competitive fashion collections. The theoretical preparation foresees an analysis of the works of some stylists, the study of the history of costume, fashion and textile design, and the continuous dialogue between fashion and art. Along with this, students will be provided with all the practical tools necessary for design an article of clothing. 
Lessons will help the student in organizing his/her own ideas regarding the planning of a project. The student will eventually have the opportunity to realize this project idea which has taken shape during lessons, so as to be able to come to a correct evaluation, choice and analysis of materials, and he/she will be able to manage with awareness the relationship between feasibility and expressive needs, together with that between quality/cost/limitations of  materials and the original project. During the first year of study, attention will be primarily focused on developing the student’s capacity to assimilate basic information. 
Durng the second year the student will begin to cultivate a personal path and to develop an innovative idea for a collection, carrying on with a furthering of the study and planning of fashion and design. During last year, other subjects, such as the technical structure of a collection, organization of a portfolio, visual communication and notions of marketing, will complete the student’s course of study, enabling him/her to know how to manage his/her own work. 
At the end of every academic year parts of the works carried out will be presented to  public.Doing so, the student will concentrate not only on the creation of his/her own article of clothing, but also on the dynamics and problems related to the formulation of a “fashion show” event (scenography, invitations,evaluation of the budget, press releases). The course will be completed with meetings, discussions and seminars held with fashion professionaists.


1° anno
Fashion Design12
Acessory's design8
History of modern art 6
History of costume4
Cloth design6
Basic computer science4
Artistic anatomy4
Total formative credits50

Badinelli Federico

Digital Video / Tecniche di Ripresa / Tecniche di Montaggio / Comunicazione Digitale

Casagrande Silvia

Fashion Design / Storia del costume / Storia della moda

Gobbi Marcello

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Guatta Giuliano

Arte Terapia / Fenomenologia del corpo

Martini Alberto Mattia

Storia dell'arte Contemporanea

Mazzocchi Gherardo


Rossi Camilla

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Design dell'accessorio

Wahl Johanna

Design del tessuto / Informatica di base

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