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Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia Course

The course aims to acquire the practice of technological and creative tools to be applied to the stage space for cinema, video, theater, concerts and live performances.
Knowledge of digital technologies and television and film set design will be developed to ensure that students are able to apply innovative tools to the world of entertainment and to use new technologies such as 3D modeling and animation, interactive systems, 3D video-mapping and the use of light and sound as communicative languages.

Obiettivo del corso:

The course includes the study and application of interactive multimedia systems for the creation of virtual scenographic areas, applicable to concrete entertainment venues (theater stage, urban spaces, events, concerts), the
design and preparation of video sets and cinematic.
Skills will be acquired through theoretical lessons, workshop practice and the ability to work in a production crew: the deepening of new forms of audiovisual communication, the practical realization of scenography and video sets,
the organization of projects, budget and planning, elaboration of complex storytelling, participation in internships, workshops with professionals in the sector and operational visits to professional realities.
Students will be able, at the end of the third year, to create video and live productions and interactive digital performances inserted in the professional circuits of the sector.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Set design for cinema
Digital Video
Lighting technology
History of the show
Technology and materials applied to the scenography
Processes and techniques for the multimedia show
3D digital modeling and animation techniques
Shooting techniques
Set design for television
Direction of photography
Multimedia dramaturgy
3D videomapping
Sound design
Theater room
Scenography workshop
Direction room
Costume workshop for the show
Pose room

Opportunità professionali

The professional profile of the graduate in audiovisual cinema and multimedia is that of a creative with multimedia production skills who exploits both real and virtual sources that can be perfectly integrated into audiovisual production
The professions formed in the course are those of:
Multimedia Stage Designer
Film director
Audio-Video Operator