Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia

Diploma di primo livello
Scenografia indirizzo Cinema Audiovisivo e Multimedia
Scenography with a concentration in

Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia

The Scenography course with a concentration in Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia, aims to the acquisition of the ability of technological and creative instruments to be applied on stage in theater, cinema and live performances.


Authorization D.M. n. 104


Horizons in scenographic competence will be enlarged, through the use of multiple languages that will train professional figures able to work in many fields and to use the most updated scenic techniques. Through a considerable deepening of digital technologies and of cinema and television scenography, students will be able to use innovative instruments in show business,  new technologies such as modeling and 3D animation, interactive systems, 3D video mapping and to use light and sound  as communication languages.

The course forecasts the study and the application of multimedia interactive systems for the realization of virtual sets, applicable in concrete exhibition spaces (theatre, urban spaces, events, concerts...), together with the creation and realization of video and cinema sets. The competences' acquisition will occur through theory and practice: new theatrical communication forms deepening, set practical realization, internship work, concrete visits to professional realities.

Students will be able, at the end of third year, to realize video/theatre productions and digital-interactive performances inserted in sector's professional circuits.


1° anno
Basic informatics (cinema 4d) 6
History of entertainment6
Lighting technique6
Technology and materials applied to scenography6
Digital video6
History of contemporary art6
Total formative credits 52

Anselmini Andrea

Tecnologie e materiali applicati alla scenografia / Interior Design

Gentili Andrea

Scenografia / Illuminotecnica / Processi e tecniche per lo spettacolo multimediale

Giappi Alessandra

Antropologia culturale

Pasotti Dario

Tecniche di animazione digitale / Architettura virtuale

Pescetta Alessandra

Drammaturgia multimediale

Rossi Caterina

Storia dello spettacolo / Storia del cinema

Sabatino Vanda

Storia dell'arte

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