Cinema & Audiovisual

Diploma di secondo livello
Cinema & Audiovisivo

Cinema & Audiovisual

The course is aimed at exploring areas of interest involved in an audiovisual production with focus on movie industry.


Theoretical teachings are essential to provide the student with theoretical/historical notions related to the audiovisual culture; particular attention to the history of cinema/theories and techniques of movies direction firsts, later also for the advertisement, artistic and documentary direction.

The main objective is providing the fundamental principles to approach with the practical and laboratory part of the course.

Practical and laboratory teaching are necessary to give to the student technical and practical teaching to approach with shooting and assembly technologies. The student will discover the technologies available for shooting, manipulation, and lighting. 

During the two-year laboratory classes in Cinema and Audiovisual, the student will also explore the part related to the pre-production, the management of the scenographies and the technical/economic planning of the operation.

In addition, the student will have to deal with the staging and management of the actors through workshops and targeted meetings.

The objective of the course is the realization by the students of a complex audiovisual product.

During these two years, each student will try himself, sometimes with the supervision of a teacher, sometimes by his own.

Each student will also end his study path with a portfolio of works realized during the two years.

The aim of the course is to realize a visual product able to participate in a Festival. 


Sbocchi professionali: 

The student will face a course of specialized studies in professional arts and techniques in the field of audiovisual production. The course develops skills in knowledge of film language, scriptwriting, photography, editing and sound techniques. The professional figure that will emergesat the end of the course can be considered ambivalent: on  one hand the student will identify the most suitable working environment for his aptitudes, on the other he will acquire necessary skills to start a career as a video-maker, as able to manage the tools that solve the supply chain of audiovisual production, from pre to post production. The course puts students directly and actively into the creative process and accomplishment. The second level graduate in Cinema and Audiovisual can aspire to become a professional figure in movies, television or advertising. On the basis of his specific interests he can choose the productive, creative or technical field of an audiovisual production. Professional outlets are: director, production manager, operator, director of photography, screenwriter, editor. Whether the choice heads on small productions, the graduate has the necessary skills to cover the role of video-maker dealing firsthand with the different aspects of the conception and production of an audiovisual product . The graduate can also find employment in the management of video / multimedia content for specific web platforms. Finally, the graduate could be interested in the journalistic field and opting, therefore, for the creation of videogame content. Second level graduate in Cinema and Audiovisual be: - Highly technical trained in shooting, editing and sound. – Highly capable of using the necessary tools for coding and decoding  the audiovisual language. – Widely trained in the techniques of photography, shooting and audio. – Extremely at ease in the advanced use of the assembly system. – Capable of managing the organization chart,  phases and economy of the audiovisual product. – Familiar in cooperation, working in groups and in a functional way to reach the objective.


1° anno
Theory and Method of Mass Media
Graphic Design
Direction of Photography
Audio-Visual Documentation Techniques
Editing Techniques
History of Cinema and Video
History of Cinema and Video
Elements of Video Production

Ceresoli Gianluca

Direzione della fotografia

Chiscuzzu Graziano

Regia / Linguaggi e tecniche dell'audiovisivo / Tecniche di documentazione audiovisiva

Poloni Giorgio

Interaction design / Digital video

Rodella Mauro

Tecniche di montaggio

Rossi Caterina

Storia dello spettacolo / Storia del cinema

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