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LABA acquired the favorable opinions expressed by  CNAM about  didactic organization, in accordance with the criteria laid on DM123 / 2009, and by the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System, in relation to the adequacy of facilities and personnel , aligning the LABA with European university standards.

Academic Master's degree in social and inquiry reportage photography

The world we live in can be interpreted as the big picture of life, a huge theater where millions of events happen every day :some are able to change a day, some the near future, other the course of history.

The Master's Degree social and inquiry reportage photography that  LABA planned for the next academic year 2016/2014, has been designed and structured to provide participants with a 'high professional training, immediately spendable, through a plan of studies that foresees professors of national and international authority.

Coordinators: Professors Giovanna Magri and  Walter Pescara.


Objective of the Master is to reveal to participants the art, the technique and the secrets to narrate life through the language of photography, and to know and manage the procedures for professional editing .


The training has been conceived as a careful analysis of current work dynamics and the awareness that, in order to emerge and stand out, it  is increasingly necessary to focus on excellence of the operative method: this is the main lever on which the Master has been set.The right and the duty that companies  assign to the photojournalist will be the center of the ethical system of communication, and  participants at the end of the course, entering the world of work, will be able to rely on them working to contribute in a concrete way, with their images, the development of a better society, more aware and informed.The Master  program involves the construction of Reportage and Social Investigation through activities with a Tutor supervision. The work produced by the students will have visibility through specialized publications, exhibitions, web.




The Master course lasts one year,  lessons will take place mainly during weekends (a.a. 2016/2017), and provide 60 academic credits.

The Master will approximately begin in autumn 2016.

NGO partners

The Master will develop in collaboration with NGO on the national territory.


ROBERTO MUTTI - History of Reportage 3 credits

FRANCESCO ZIZOLA – Reportage  6 credits

GIUSEPPE FRANGI - Writing and Story Telling 8 credits

MAURIZIO GAROFALO - Photo Editing  8 credits

VINCENZO COTTINELLI – Reportage  legislation 1 credit

ROBERTO MALIGHETTI - Elements of Anthropology and Ethnography 4 credit

GIGLIOLA FOSCHI - Reportage and artistic exhibitions  4 credits

WALTER PESCARA – Reportage workshop 2 credits

GIOVANNA MAGRI - Social Reportage 2 credits

LUCA BRAVO - Web editing 2 credits



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