LABA, Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by MIUR, Italian Ministry of University and Research, believes in the cultural primacy of Italy and has been working for twenty years to the realization of cultural heritage and of Made in Italy.

Through the training of young people who can be leaders in the fields of art, design, fashion, photography, painting, architecture and interior design decoration, scenography, graphic design and multimedia, LABA qualifies as an Institute of Higher Education in Art, able to blend the strength of tradition and the innovative power of the most advanced artistic research.

Creativity Quality Professionalism

In line with the recent and innovative document of the Ministry of Education "Call to Arts", LABA promotes new qualified professions with constant attention to the aesthetic factor, and an in-depth expertise in the application of new technologies, offering to students a specific and flexible preparation, through the stress and the enhancement of creativity as an important expressive element and as  means of affirmation in the world of work.

Certainty of art

  • Quality: specific expertise and high professionalism of the teaching staff
  • Close cooperation between students and teachers
  • Direct contact with the world of art (galleries, museums)
  • Meetings with leading personalities of the culture of our time (artists, designers, philosophers, architects, designers, directors, actors)
  • Internships and partnerships with companies
  • International projects (Erasmus, travel, artistic experiences with students from other European academies and universities)
  • Students’ exhibitions
  • Academy as a gallery, a place of great exhibition events
  • Conventions and collaborations with organizations and institutions
  • Contemporary facilities (control room, computer labs, large functional laboratories, video projection room, photographic studio, theater, etc.)
  • A pleasant and lively atmosphere

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