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Master for Yoga Expert for the childhood and adolescence, in collaboration with AIYB Italian Yoga Association for Children

The teaching, beside to represent an increase from a personal point of view, will allow all those who already work on the educational and social field, to be able to integrate their profession with a proven and consolidated work tool and, for those who are approaching to the children world for the first time, to lay a solid foundation for a highly qualified and performing professional growth, through the Metodo Giocayoga© Logo Giocayoga

The goal is to provide a new tool, useful for teaching Yoga in education and school.


The master is addressed to parents, teachers, educators, psychologist, degree in Education Sciences Yoga Teachers and social workers.

Organization and duration

The Academic Master has a duration of about one year, equal to 60  training credits. The Diploma from the First Level Master is awarded to everybody who have carried out the activities, fulfilled the prescribed obligations and passed the final exam (production and discussion of a thesis for a total of 140 hours).

Academic Master in Expert for the teaching of yoga for childhood and adolescence formative proposal

The Academic Master, during the academic year, extends in practical-theoretical lessons, for a total of 60 credits, divided into 3 modules: Pedagogical-philosophical (96 hours), Therapeutic (120 hours), Artistic (48 hours) and at the last, the Laboratories (144 hours).

Lessons are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays in alternate weekends from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Stages – traineeship

A traineeship is scheduled for a total of 60 hours, it will start approximately in March with the affiliated institutions. Dates and number of hours per week are to be established with the host organization.

Registration and costs

The Academic Master, scheduled for hosting programmed number of students, will start when the minimum number required for activation is reached. The annual fee for the Master is 3000.00 euros. Registrations for the First Level Academic Master are in progress.

The school

The practical and theoretical lessons will be held in the laboratories of the LABA Academy at the main building in via Don G. Vender, 66 in Brescia. The internships will be sustained at the offices of the various institutions affiliated in Brescia and the province.


Master Coordinator: Lorena Paialunga
Tel: 039/6081518, from Monday to Friday from 3.30 pm to 7.00 pm
info@aiyb.it - segreteria@aiyb.it

Subjects and teachers

Lorena V. Paialunga: Giocayoga method©
Camilla Guillaume: Favoloyogando e Yoga therapy
Lucrezia Maniscotti: Theater-dance and Indian myths
Alessandro De Salvo: Indology and Giocayoga© at kindergarten
Andrea Scalvenzi: Giocayoga © at school
Elena Casiraghi: Developmental Psychology
Johnny Lapio: Art therapy
Silvia Maria Nepote Fus: The botany of yoga
Barbara Frandino: Yoga and storytelling
Ivano Gamelli: Pedagogy of the body
Mauro Falsarolo: Sound laboratory
Elisa Binotti: Yoga and carnatic singing
Monica Tatiana Verdelli: Dance therapy

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