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Didactic curriculum

The 3 + 2

The didactic curriculum of LABA is structured on the 3+2 formula, which offers the possibility of achieving a First Level Degree, corresponding to a Bachelor’s Degree (EQF LEVEL 6), after three years of study. This perfectly works for entering the field of new professions or art world. The following two-year specialization allows student to obtain a Second Level Degree (EQF LEVEL 7) , which is valid for undertaking any type of career in the world of art and teaching.

Evening Courses

LABA, for the first time in Italy, has striven to adjust its didactic offer answering to requests of flexibility that strongly emerged in today’s society. With the creation of a Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts evening school (BA) and Photography evening school, LABA is giving a sure and qualified response to those who cannot attend daytime lessons. It’s a matter of diversification, a veritable expansion of the academy’s activity which makes it capable of answering  the needs of those who want to complete and further their artistic and cultural education.

First Level Master

After the three-year or tthe advanced two-year degree specialization, it is possible to attend some addresses of First Level Academic Masters.

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