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Alba Area Gallery

Alba Area Gallery comes from an artistic and cultural project designed by LABA Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. The project was first launched in 2010 and purposes the free transmission of contemporary art through exhibitions, organized by internationally art curators and professors of the Academy, in close cooperation with students and young people outgoing artists.

In 2015 LABA decides to give this project a name and a concrete space in the heart of the historical center of Brescia. Alba Area Gallery, a contemporary art gallery on the first floor of a 18th century palace: three white halls, as the name "Alba" (which is Latin for light / whiteness), where you can also appreciate the frescoed frieze that adorned the ceiling. Alba Area continues its initial concept, the space gives the opportunity to work with great artists of national and international scene and organize cultural and artistic events and where all customers can freely participate. Summer is dedicated to young emerging artists’ collective exhibition, encouraging their personal development and offering them the advantage and the prestige of visibility.


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